Our next destination in the High Tatras was the famous Štrbské Pleso – the highest situated settlement in the Tatras Mountains (parking 10 EUR / day). This famous ski resort lies next to a picturesque mountain lake of glacial origin with the highest depth of 20 meters. It is fed by underground springs and its surface remains frozen for around 155 days per year. In the late afternoon we took a lazy walk around the lake and tried some food in Patria Koliba (Cabbage soup 3,50 EUR, Chicken steak 12,50 EUR, Slovakian Gnocchi with cabbage and bacon 7,50 EUR, Kaltenecker beer 0,5 l / 3,50 EUR), it was not a really good choice, so we have tried another and much better Koliba Pleso (Zlatý Bazant beer 0,5 l / 2,10 EUR, Chicken soup 2,70 EUR, Bean soup 3,50 EUR, Pancakes with strawberry jam 5,10 EUR, Gnocchi with poppy seed 6,30 EUR). In the morning we took an easy 3 hours hike to Popradské Pleso, which is situated right on the Tatranská magistrála hiking path, at an altitude of 1494 meters. During the hike, we got showered by heavy rain with hailstones, but luckily the Horsky Hotel on the banks of Popradske Pleso was open, so we could dry a bit (Cabbage soup 2,80 EUR, Deer Goulash 8,60 EUR, Szegedin Goulash 7,80 EUR, Roasted Pork with cabbage 7 EUR). The whole region is very well preserved and the terrain isn’t urbanized nor agriculturally adopted as we often see in the Western European Alps. The biggest advantage it has is untouched natural riches and iconic landscape. Before our departure, we have tried Furkotka Restaurant – and this is probably the best choice for dining in the whole resort (Šariš beer 0,5 l / 1,90 EUR, Garlic soup 3,20 EUR, Grilled potatoes with vegetables and goat cheese 8,60 EUR).

Parking location – Štrbské Pleso: 49.119278N 20.064615E (🚻 – 0,30 EUR)