AIN DRAHAM (عين دراهم)

It took us one hour to climb 30 kilometers steep curvy road to Tunisia’s hill station Ain Draham. We arrived late, so we decided to park just on the road next to the gym. The owner and staff were very friendly and allowed us to use their toilets at the night and their guard took care of our safety (coffee 1 TND, coke 1 TND). We took a short walk around this small town and took some food in one of the local eateries (whole grilled chicken and bread 12 TND). The next day we met our friends from the Tunisian Campers organization. Hills around Ain Draham are often covered with snow during December (altitude 900 m), so we were lucky with sunny (but windy) weather, which allowed us to experience camping inside the cork forest. We made also some hiking around the Kroumirie Mountains and tasted our best cuscus in Tunisia made by a local family.

Parking location – Ain Draham: 36.78203N 8.686404E (🚻)