HNEVANK (Հնեվանք)

According to Google, there should be a nice road, H24, from Stepanavan to Hnevank monastery. Actually, it starts as a ruined road turning after a few kilometers into a total off-road – narrow, steep, winding, dirty road, full of big stones, especially on the part before Dzoragiugh village. Anyway, it was a great afternoon traveling between Stepanavan and the Debed Canyon. We stopped at the Hnevank monastery standing inside the gorge on the southern side of the canyon, near the confluence of the Gargar and Dzoragets Rivers, just 500 meters from the road. The complex has been ruined and rebuilt several times; most of what is visible today dates from the 12th century. It is beautiful in spring and summer when wildflowers surround it.

Parking location – Hnevank: 40.951498N 44.584173E